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Staff Directory

All staff email accounts end with

Name Email Position
Bettencourt, Anna Marie abettencourt District Secretary
Cabral-Johnson, Isabel icjohnson Superintendent
Castro, Jason jcastro Director of Maintenance & Facilities
Christian, Colin cchristian Transportation Supervisor
Fuller, Debbie dfuller Special Services
Grubb, Marianne mgrubb Special Services
Jimenez, Jesse jjimenez Custodial Supervisor
Komos, Michelle mkomos District Nurse
Lourenco, Connie clourenco Director of Fiscal Services
Martins, Mary mmartins Payroll Analyst
McGee, Karen kmcgee Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Pacheco, Lettie lpacheco Food Services Operations Supervisor
Rego, Larry lrego Director of Technology & Data Systems
Smith, Stephanie ssmith Accounts Payable Technician
Sousa, Maria msousa Fiscal Analyst
Stewart, Doug dstewart At-Risk Service Support
Valenzuela, Rudy rvalenzuela Grounds Supervisor
Yonan, Nisa nyonan Superintendent's Secretary


Support Departments

(209) 669-2907
(209) 669-2908 FAX

Food Services
(209) 667-7819
(209) 667-7564 FAX

(209) 667-5906
(209) 667-5122 FAX

Print Shop/Shipping and Receiving
(209) 669-2902
(209) 669-2903 FAX

Special Services
(209) 669-5463
(209) 669-0639 FAX

Technology Center
(209) 669-2905
(209) 669-2909 FAX

(209) 632-1520
(209) 669-2901 FAX