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Foggy Day Letter for Students, Parents, and Bus Drivers
Posted 11/23/21

To All Students, Their Parents, and Bus Drivers:
With the onset of the foggy weather, we would like to notify all concerned of the School District’s procedures on foggy days.

  1. If it is unsafe for the busses to leave the school, they will be delayed by 1 hour units (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.)
  2. Foggy day schedule will be posted on HUSD website at or please call the Transportation Department at (209) 632-1520 and/or notification via Parent Square.
  3. Students who walk to school are expected to arrive on time.  Bus students will automatically be given excused tardies, but are expected in class immediately after the bus arrives at school.
  4. If parents in the Stevinson area bring their children to school, we ask that they bring the students in grades 6-12 to the High School/Middle School and not drop them off at Merquin.
  5. Should the fog become so thick that conditions are unsafe, the bus driver is to pull into the nearest safe area and park the bus, making sure the bus is well off the road.
  6. The driver will notify the District’s Transportation Department by two-way radio of the fact that the bus run has been interrupted, as well as the necessary facts relating to the bus number, number of students on board, and location.
  7. The driver must always remain with the students.
  8. Bus drivers are hereby notified that the time of arrival at school on foggy mornings is not as important as the safety of the students.  Drive carefully and take your time.


Isabel Cabral-Johnson