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Aesop Substitute System

Step by Step written directions HERE.

Below you will find three VERY short and helpful video links.

Video and other resources for Teachers about our Aesop substitute program

Aesop overview video here

Aesop basic training here


  • How to log into Aesop
  • The Home Page
  • Creating an absence
  • Viewing and editing personal information
  • Changing your PIN
  • Where to find help resources

Aesop advanced training here


  • Creating an absence in Advanced Mode
  • Assigning a substitute to an absence
  • Cancelling absences
  • Viewing the approval status of an absence
  • Viewing absence history
  • Attaching a file to an absence
  • Checking your Absence Reason Balances
  • Viewing the Substitute Directory

Aesop Preferred Substitute list and Excluded substitutes

  • Preferred (video) here
  • Excluded substitutes (picture walk-through) here