E-Rate Information

E-Rate Year 20, 2017-2018


Official RFPs have been posted as of 2/7
Any changes will be emailed as an addendum to all vendors that appear at the walk-through specified on this page
Estimated Discount Percentages
Hilmar High School:  80%
Hilmar Middle School:  80%
Irwin High School:  90%
Colony High School:  80%
Elim Elementary School:  80%
Merquin Elementary School:  90%
***Elim document updated on 2/23/2017 with information from the walkthrough***

RFP Documents

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Vendor Requirements

A walk-through has been scheduled for the following date.  All vendors will be required to meet at the district office where we will begin.  1 site will be seen that day so plan on roughly 1 hour to complete the entire walk-through process.

*** 9am on February 16th, 2017 ***

*** Meet at the address listed below ***

Vendors are REQUIRED to submit their SEALED proposals by 

*** 3pm on March 16th, 2017 ***
A walk-through is REQUIRED for any proposal that includes cabling of any kind.  Hardware-only bids are acceptable and do not require a presence at any walk-through held.  Please see each individual RFP for additional requirements specific to that particular site.
A "sealed" bid can also be emailed to the contact information below and it will be considered at the same time as any bids received on paper on the opening date above.  Any bids emailed for E-Rate projects will be kept confidential until the opening date.  Vendors may be present at the bid opening if they wish but this is not required.  Paper bids are not required, all documents may be electronic.
All vendors must be listed in the new Department of Industrial Relations online database and provide documentation that ensures prevailing wages are being paid.  More information is available at http://www.dir.ca.gov and the searchable database is located at https://efiling.dir.ca.gov/PWCR/Search.

E-Rate Contact Information:

Larry M. Rego, IT Director
7807 Lander Ave.
Hilmar, CA 95324
Office (209) 669-2905
Fax (209) 669-2909